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Does Lily still live here?

Does Lily still live here, is a poignant and gripping play that follows Maddie's emotional journey as she grapples with the sudden loss of her father amidst the excitement of her impending wedding. Struggling with depression and solitude, Maddie faces the daunting task of deciding the fate of her father's ashes, a responsibility he entrusted solely to her. As she delves into her father's past through old photographs, she makes an unexpected discovery—an old postcard addressed to her from a Lily Baker. No one knows who Lily Baker is or if they do, no one is talking. Maddie's quest to find Lily unravels a web of secrets and falsehoods, shattering the facade of the life she thought she knew. Determined to uncover the truth, Maddie embarks on a transformative journey of self-discovery and healing in this gripping tale of love, loss, and revelation.

Does Lily still live here?


(she/her) Maddie is a young woman, typically in her mid to late twenties. The loss of her father has cast a shadow of depression and loneliness over her life, making it a daily struggle. Yet, there are moments when Maddie's true spirit emerges, revealing her resilience and determination. Her identity, once firmly rooted in the bond with her father, has been shattered by the revelation of long-hidden family secrets. Through her journey, the audience witnesses her intermittent glimpses of strength as she confronts her inner demons and the challenges life presents. 


Late Forties - Maddie’s mother. Trudy embodies the image of a well-established socialite. She exudes an air of wealth and sophistication, coupled with a hint of snobbishness. Her busy schedule is filled with board meetings and charity work, reflecting her commitment to maintaining an upstanding reputation in high society. While Trudy does have genuine love for her daughter, Maddie, her actions often reveal a tendency to prioritize her social status over their relationship. She claims a willingness to go to great lengths to safeguard Maddie, but it becomes evident that she is even more determined to protect her esteemed position in the social hierarchy. 

MAXINE (Max): 

The Ashcroft’s housekeeper. Max has been with the family since Maddie was just a baby and basically raised her while her parents traveled or was building their wealth. Maddie loves her a lot, some might even say more than her own mother which at times has caused tension. Max does not try to insert herself but Maddie always seems to want her around. Trudy is intimidated by Maxine because of Maddie’s devotion to her and also because of her late husband’s fondness for her. Maxine is feisty and confident and does not always act like the servant that she is supposed to be. 


Mid to late forties- Maddie’s real mother and the housekeeper before Maxine who was fired under mysterious circumstances. Your collection is already set up for you with fields and content. Add your own, or import content from a CSV file. Add fields for any type of content you want to display, such as rich text, images, videos and more. You can also collect and store information from your site visitors using input elements like custom forms and fields. Be sure to click Sync after making changes in a collection, so visitors can see your newest content on your live site. Preview your site to check that all your elements are displaying content from the right collection fields.

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